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Much of the General Motors advertising art was created by Arthur Fitzpatrick (who previously worked for Buick and Nash) and Van Kaufman. Kaufman began his career working with Disney as an illustrator before spending time in Europe, where he cultivated a distinct European style readily seen in his artwork. In 1959 the pair secured an exclusive contract to create the advertising artwork for Pontiac. This agreement lasted until 1971. Fitzpatrick created the cars while Kaufman drew the backgrounds and people.Examples of their work can be seen below.

More info about these artists can be HERE and HERE.

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The above advertisement is from the June 1968 issue of Hot Rod and extremely rare. The RAII was a mid-year addition for the Firebird and GTO, and had very little advertising by Pontiac.

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68FB 2 page ad_7201Cover page 2 & 3page 4 & 5

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page 8 9
page 10 & 11
page 12 & 13
page 14& 15
page 16& 17
page 18& 19
page 19& 20
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page 28& 29
page 29& 30

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