FirebirdFest 2021



By Dave Sullivan

Recently Mary Jo and I attended the three-day Firebird festival in the St Lewis area. This story is a summary of this All-Firebird weekend. It was an outstanding event that had approximately 150 Firebirds including many Trans Am’s. There were also some very nice Formula Firebirds in attendance. The only downside to the weekend was the heat. Wow was it hot!  Continue Reading →

Trans Am Nationals – 2016


A Group 1Scott S 3 gens together

Three generations of Firebirds together. You will see several professional shots from Scott Schwartz in this post. I have decided that Scott is the world’s best car photographer.  You’ll have to decide that for youself, but nevertheless, I think you will enjoy his pictures!


Club member, Ron Vaseleski displayed his 1968 Agena Blue Firebird coupe at the 32nd Annual Trans Am Nationals; near Dayton Ohio, and gave us his perspective of the show.

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