2105 Indian Uprising Part 2 – The ’67 and ’68 Firebirds


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In this second part of our coverage at the Indian Uprising, we’ll take a look at all the incredible 1967 and 1968 Firebirds we spotted at the show.  Unfortunately, with the threat of rain, several members kept their show cars at home.  However, it didn’t dampen the spirit of the show, and there were still several great looking Firebirds to be seen.  This post is more of a gallery of Firebirds with a few of my comments.  The picture above is of my ’68 Solar Red coupe.  There was a photographer at the show taking pictures of all the cars as they came in.  Later that day, you were able to purchase a custom, digitally enhanced 17″ x 11″ picture of your car for only $18.  We thought this was a pretty cool thing so several of us purchased the photos.

1 Group 1

A group shot of some of the Firebirds from our club outside on Saturday.

2 f Aham 1

Member Ayham’s 1968 Autumn Bronze coupe with Parchment interior. This is a striking color combination, and one you don’t see at too many shows.

2 Group 3

That’s Paul’s custom House of Kolors Orange ’68 400 Restomod next to Ayham’s ‘bird. Paul’s car usually gets the most attention whenever we are together at a show or on a cruise.

2 Paul 2

This modified Show ‘Bird has a huge collection of trophies, and Paul is not affraid to drive it to any of our events.

2.2 Paul 1

Check out the silver ghost flames and 18″ custom wheels.

2.5 Tim 2

Another member, Tim from Arlington Heights brought his 1967 326 HO convertible in Starlight Black with Parchment interior.

2 GH Aham 2

Ayham’s Autumn Bronze ‘bird again, this time from the back.

Chet 1

This was the most noteable ’68 Firebird in the show. This is Chet’s 1968 Ram Air 400 hardtop. Chet is the original owner if this fabulous ‘bird and actually ordered it from the dealer back in late 1967.

Chet 2

A close-up of the mysterious “Bird Glass” and remote driver’s mirror. There is no rhyme or reason why Pontiac Etched the Firebird logo onto the driver and passenger windows of some Firebirds but not others. It only appears on ’68 Firebirds and is not listed on the window sticker.

Chet 5

This car not only has the distinction of winning a POCI Senior Award at Nationals, but it is also a feature car in some national Pontiac publications as well as the car that Lane Exact Detail copied for their 1:18 scale die cast Verdoro Green Firebird model.

Chet Eng 1

Wow – how about a perfect Ram Air engine?

Chet Eng 2

This car deserves a picture of both sides of the engine bay. Take a close look, you may learn something about what a factory 400 Ram Air engine looks like.

D Mark 2

Mark, from Ann Arbor Michigan, had a long drive in his show winning, 1967 custom Black metal flake 400 Firebird. This car is for sale, so he can make room for another Firebird addition to the family. Click here for our story on Mark’s Firebirds.

D n Kyle 1

Here’s another fantastic Firebird with a great story. Kyle’s father is the original owner of this 1967 OHC Sprint Mayfair Maize convertible.

D N Kyle 3

Keeping it in the family. Three generations of Kyle’s family will drive this Firebird! We met Kyle’s son who is next in line to own this beautiful piece of Pontiac history.

D n Kyle 4

This “cammer” is also a three speed manual, adding to the driving excitement!

D N Kyle 8

There were very few OHC 6 Sprint Firebirds produced, and hardly any survivors still driving around.

D n Kyle 9

If you’ve never seen the in-line 6cyl in a Firebird, it will suprise you when you open the hood.

D n Winner

Kyle’s Firebird was one of the First Place winners at this year’s Indian Uprising.

Dennis 1

New members Dennis and Laura posing by their ’67 Regimental Red 400 convertible.

Dennis 2

This car presented itself very well with custom front and rear spoilers.

Mark L 1

Mark from Chicago came out with his flat-black, ’68 convertible. Mark owns two first gen convertibles and is one of our original members from 2013.

o a Mark Dan 1

This show provided great opportunities like this to compare a ’67 and ’68 convertible Firebird side by side.

o Dan 1

Dan’s custom-color, gold metal flake ’67 convertible 400 always looks great. This is a rare, 400, 4-speed convertible, and Dan has enjoyed driving it for the past 30 years.

p Dave S 1

Sunday’s rain did not stop member Dave and his ’68 350 HO coupe from making the show. The HO or High Output engines put out just a little less horsepower then the base 400, and are rarely seen anymore in the Firebird ranks. We were lucky to see both a 326 HO and 350 HO at this show.

z  Bl Resto 3

Inside we spotted this custom dark blue painted ’67 Firebird.

z Blue 4

This is the optional fold-down rear seat. It is a desirable option that Pontiac collectors look for when purchasing a vehicle.

Z New Guy 1

A very nice guy I was able to speak with about his very nice ’67 Firebird convertible. Not part of our club yet, but maybe someday.


I love this t-shirt we saw at the show and what a great way to end the ’67 & ’68 Firebird segment? A cartoon of a very cool ’68 400 Firebird, complete with hood tach and flames!

Up next is the final installment of this 3-part series – all the sweet 1969 Firebirds and a barn-find Trans Am that had everybody talking!  Stay tuned….

Story and pictures by Ken Pitcher.

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