The Family Jewel


D n Kyle 1

We met Kyle Van Sickle at the 2015 Indian Uprising show this past August, and immediately fell in love with his 1967 Mayfair Maize Sprint convertible Firebird.  But when he told us the story, we were truly inspired by the family history of this beautiful bird.  Kyle also joined our club that weekend, and we are proud to honor his Firebird as our Member’s Ride of the Month for January 2016.  This mildly-restored show winner, was originally purchased by Kyle’s Father and passed down to him over the years.

They plan on keeping this gem in the Van Sickle family, as Kyle’s son will be the next in line to inherit the ‘bird.  You can learn more about the history of the Sprint Firebird in our three part story, posted on this web page a few years ago.  The amazing thing about this vintage Pontiac, is that the original 6 cyl Sprint engine survived the “gas is cheap, so let’s put in a V8” mentality of the early ’70’s, that caused so many of the six-bangers to be pulled out and cast by the wayside.

Kyle 10

This car is such a beautiful example of the convertible Firebird John Delorian imagined would take on Europe’s best sports cars of the day.

Kyle 14

The convertible top has been replaced, and looks fantastic.

Kyle 22

We’re all used to seeing a “400” or “350” engine call out on our first gen Firebirds, but Pontiac used this for the overhead cam straight sixs.

D N Kyle 8

This is the only Sprint call out – it lets you know that this is the high-performance six cylinder engine with the 4 barrel Rochester carburetor.

Kyle 11

Kyle’s ’67 fun machine comes complete with the deluxe interior and steering wheel as well as a manual transmission.

Kyle 15

Keeping it simple and understated, Kyle’s dad ordered it with the standard wheel discs instead of the Rally II wheels.

D n Kyle 9

The left side of the Sprint -six. Keeping with the Pontiac performance image, there’s a potent 4-barrel carb under that beautiful chrome air cleaner lid.

D N Kyle 3

Kyle and his son, showing off the family jewel at the Indian Uprising in St. Charles Illinois last summer. His son loves driving the car and can’t wait for his turn to own the family artifact from the 60’s.

D n Winner

Kyle showing off a trophy his car just won at a show a week after we met him. The board he’s standing behind has some great photos from when his dad first purchased the car in 1967.

1.1 Kyle 3

One thing I’ve learned is the overhead cam Pontiac owners (or “cammers” as they like to be called) are very passionate about their six cylinder cars. Kyle is pictured here with Steve Anderson and his son, another rare Sprint owner in our club. I have a funny feeling Steve’s son will be inheriting his Sprint someday too!

Kyle 24

A close-up of the picture board – documenting the car’s history in the Van Sickle family. I love the black and white photos, and some showing Kyle as a youngster with his dad.

Kyle 16

The right side of the six, showing all six spark plug wires on this side.

Kyle 19

Top down, and all ready for the next generation to have fun in the sun!

(Story and pictures by Ken Pitcher and Kyle Van Sickle.)

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