Global ‘Birds: Lucca, Italy


Click here to see Firebirds around the World!This 1969 Firebird was spotted in Lucca, Italy.ITALY: The Firebird love isn’t limited to just the US – it reaches across the globe. Mark B. experienced this firsthand recently while visiting Lucca, Italy with his family. “Lucca is a walled in city with five access points,’ said Mark B. “The wall is about four stories tall and very wide.  It is tree lined and takes about 20-25 minutes to complete the loop.  While we rented bicycles to loop around, I noticed the 1969 350 coupe parked a short distance from a Fiat 500.  I wasn’t really expecting to see anything American, let alone a vintage muscle car.  It caught my eye to say the least.  I only wish I was closer with access to below to take a closer look.”

This 1969 Firebird was spotted in Lucca, Italy.

This 1969 Firebird was spotted in Lucca, Italy in June, 2013.

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