Route 66 Cruise – The Trip of a Lifetime (part two)


Day 5.1
This is the second part of a story about our once in a lifetime trip down historic Route 66. The first part of the story ended after we arrived in Arcadia Oklahoma to tour the famous landmark Round Barn. As we headed West to Texas our last stop in Oklahoma was in Elk City to see the National Route 66 Museum. It was a great site and should not be missed.


As we arrived in Shamrock Texas for overnight # 7 The Number 1 priority is to get some photos of the cars at the famous Art Deco Historic Gas Station that had been recently restored.


You may recognize this landmark from the Disney movie “Cars”.



It is by far the best gas station photo op on the trip. This station is one of those photo opportunities that is very unique.  Called the “Tower Building” and built in 1936, it is recognized as an official Texas Historic Landmark.


In Shamrock Texas – Photos of the Conoco historic gas station at night are nice.


I wish I had a better lighting system on my camera!

1.8 1.9

Historic Phillips 66 station in McLean Texas. And most everyone stops at the leaning Water Tower in Groom Texas. In Amarillo Texas our friends Myra and Ralph from near Houston drove several hours to join us for dinner at the famous Big Texan Restaurant. In the photo with Mary Jo and I is Myra and Ralph & Don and Marge Johnsen who we traveled with the entire 5000 miles.


Our Motor Tour group had 6:00 PM reservation and 84 road warriors sat down in the main dining room and they had everyone seated within 5 minutes. Traveling in this group was sensational. This restaurant is spectacular. They are famous for a 72 OZ steak that if you can eat it in 1 hour you get it for free!


In Arcadia Texas is the World’s Largest Pop Bottle.


Also in Amarillo Texas is Cadillac Ranch the famous site along Route 66 that is a must see.


Above Mary Jo and I sit in the Antique car at the Milburn Museum in Texas.


The Firebird sits at the Midway Point of the trip. Please note the white line across the highway that marks the half way point on Historic Route 66.


Adrian Texas is the Mid-Point and everyone stops for a photo.


Russell’s Car Museum is a must stop location and a great place to eat.


The Blue Swallow is a very famous Motel in Tucumcari New Mexico.


Several people from our group stayed at the Blue Swallow. If you get a chance it is a great place to stay.


At the Restaurant in Tucumcari the parking lot looked like a Museum showroom.


Night photos at the Blue Swallow are awesome.

Extra 1

At the Museum in Tucumcari the ladies gathered together and started to “Take over the Trip” as they decided that they wanted to make a side trip to Santa Fe NM. And while some decided to keep motoring west on Route 66 many in our group joined us for lunch in Santa Fe. Santa Fe is a wonderful drive and a great city to visit. Take the time and spend at least 1 extra day here. The overnight in Albuquerque is overnight number 8 and is a great city. The old alignment of Route 66 are so rough a person has to watch the clock to make sure you are on target to arrive at many of the great historical sites.


On the road to Santa Fe a little transmission issue had some of our Michigan friends trying to figure out exactly what was going on with this oil leak. This transmission ended up being replaced in California and Frank & Sandy were treated to an outstanding time in California as the local car club took charge of repairs and entertainment for them. They toured museums and speed shops all over the LA area while repairs were made to their awesome little 1940 Ford coupe.

Extra 2

There were many other classic cars that made the trip to Santa Monica. Getting to know most of the people who all had the same “Bucket List” was the most fun.


In Grants New Mexico we toured the Mine shaft and Museum & took photos as we drove through the new Route 66 photo sign. This area is now approaching the “Red Rock Bluffs” and is awesome area to drive through.


At Gallop NM we all stayed at the famous El Rancho Hotel. Mary Jo and I stayed in the “Lucile Ball Room”. We were joined by many of our new friends for dinner along with surprise Pontiac area friends who now lives in California and were camping 5 miles from the hotel. They were in the area and had been following our travels on Facebook and called us when we posted a photo from our adventures in New Mexico – Fun time!


As we entered Arizona the beauty of the “High Desert” became obvious.


We soon gathered near the Firebird for a photo as we prepared to drive into the painted desert and the petrified forest.


In this photo it shows my new 17 x 8 Rally ll aluminum wheels and a new set of B F Goodrich G-Force Sport Tires. These new wheels and tires along with new disc brakes served the Firebird well in the desert where it reached 99 degrees in October when we toured the petrified forest.


Photos from the Petrified forest and painted desert are very nice.



Several of the cars on the National Route 66 Motor Tour traveled at about the same time and we would run into others each day along the way.


After the painted desert, we travel into Winslow Arizona and that stop alone is an iconic visit, especially with 60 to 80 others in your group meeting up about the same time.  This is the end of Part two – we will continue Dave and Mary Jo’s trip of a lifetime with part three soon, when they travel from Winslow Arizona to the end of Route 66 on the Santa Monica Pier in California.

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

(Story and pictures by Dave and Mary Jo Sullivan.)

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