Finding Original Numbers & Date Codes


Joey C. FirebirdAs passionate first-gen. Firebird owners and enthusiasts, we don’t just love driving our cars (although that is a huge part!), we also enjoy knowing what makes them tick, their individual nuances and how to find more information about them. Joey C. is a club member who knows a thing or two about Firebirds. He’s bought, sold and restored many over the years (the red coupe above is one that recently passed through his hands). He shared a video with us below and in it he gets up close and personal with a highly optioned 1968 Firebird 400HO. Some of the the items he discusses include how to find original numbers and date codes. He also gives some pointers that any potential first-gen. Firebird buyer should know about before plunking down their hard earned cash.

Joey C. Firebird

Joey C. behind the wheel of his 1968 Firebird 400HO convertible.


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