The Cars Time Forgot Show – Lake Delavan Wisconsin




Cropped Lake Lineup

Lake Lawn Lodge and the Delavan Area Chamber of Commerce put on one of the largest and best car show that I have ever been to.  The resort atmosphere and weather could not have been better.  Where else could you see 800 plus vintage automobiles, a beautiful lake, shaded well-maintained grounds, see biplanes circling, allow your kids to enjoy swimming in the pools and get your friends with a boat to take them tubing all in the same place?

We started the day with some of the Illinois members cruising up together.  Actually, that’s not entirely correct.  I should say, Dave Sullivan started the day at 5:30am cruising up from Pontiac, Illinois to attend this show.  But that would only be half right, because we were blessed to have Hank, Lee, Tony and Josh driving the long distance from Green Bay,  to meet up with us.  Alltogether, we had 12 first generation Firebirds attend, making it the most largely attended club event we have been able to put together.   Saddly, there were a few birds that came down with mechanical problems just before starting the cruise, including two 1969 Trans Ams that would have loved to have been there.


Lake Lawn had this event very well organized. Our club was able to park together, which really helped as some of us came in at different times.

Sully 3

On the road in Wisconsin, cruisin in to Delavan!



Some of our Illinois group, with Kevin’s California car from Milwaukee.

1.2   IMG_3563

Happy club members relaxing in the shade behind a group of second gen Firebirds. The ample shade and grass parking were key to making this a great event.

1.3 IMG_3662

The birds looked great with the lake in the background.


Sully 6

Having a great time making new friends – we really appreciate the support of our wives!


1.4Jim Front GB line up Croped 1

Everyone loved seeing so many first generation Firebirds together!

2.1 IMG_3545

This is Wendell’s 1968 Meridian Turquose 350 convertible. What a spectacular color combination!
2.2 IMG_3548

Here’s a great look at the beautiful turquose interrior of his car.

2.3 a

Josh’s Goldenrod Yellow, 1969 400 convertible with Parchment interrior.

2.3 b

Josh brought his wife and two daughters out to enjoy the day. They just love their Daddy’s firebird – and we have never seen a Firebird full of American Girl dolls before!

2.3 IMG_3648

Vince and Donna with their metal flake burgundy 1969 400 convertible.

2.5 IMG_3630

Tony brought one of the four 1969 convertibles from Green Bay.

2.5 IMG_3650

His bird won one of the judges awards for best car – a pretty impressive feat, considering the quality and quantity in this show field!

2.7 IMG_3565

Hank also brought his Firebird in from Green Bay. You may remember this car from our POCI story.

2.8 IMG_3614

Lee and Bonnie’s convertible has a custom interior and is lowered slightly giving it an aggressive stance that everyone notices.

2.8  IMG_3601

Matt with his high school buddy Bob, who came up from St. Louis to visit.

2.9 IMG_3562

Kevin’s 1968 Flambeau Burgundy is a non-restored, survivor California car. I love the petina of the paint and deteroriated window seals on this original Firebird!

2.9 IMG_3606

Sully’s 1967 road warrior from Pontiac, Illinois. Unfortunately, after 400 plus miles it broke down 14 miles from home and had to be towed. A reminder how fragile our old cars can be.

3.1 IMG_3625

Ken and Mike enjoying good conversation by some beautiful ‘birds.


It’s always fun to include the whole family while at an all-day event, and there was plenty to do at Lake lawn Lodge for the younger crowd.

3.2 IMG_3567

Here’s Tanner and Spencer walking with me down to one of the pools.

4.1 Biplaines cropped

Lake Lawn has a small, grass airfield accross the street. We were fortunate enough to see these two Bi-planes circling around the show field.

4.2  IMG_3584

The indoor pool was a great place for the kids to cool off while the car event was going on outside! If it’s not too crowded, the Lodge let’s you buy a day pass for $5 per kid.


4.3  IMG_3629

Tubing on the lake was fun for Mom and the kids while Dad was able to enjoy the cars.

4.5 IMG_3646

Go cart racing anyone? Actually, these are Road America type racing cars for serious thrill junkies. Sorry kids, not for you… yet!

Sully 8 favorite

There were actually several other kinds of show cars here (800 to be more specific). This was Sully’s favorite non-Firebird.  In our next post – we’ll have lots more of those “other” cars to show you so stay tuned…

(Story by Ken Pitcher.  Pictures by Ken Pitcher, Dave Sullivan and Jim Calvin.)Midwest Firebirds

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