POCI Wichita – The first generation Firebirds


As promised, part two of our story on the POCI national convention in Wichita, Kansas will focus on the first generation Firebirds that were on display.  Unfortunately,  there were only a handful to be found, but what was lacking in quantity, was more than made up for in quality!  There were two particularly rare birds in this grouping.  The first is a 1967 Ram Air, Plum Mist Firebird that tore-up the track with a heart pounding 12.58 quarter mile time – which was one of the top times for the pure stock class that night.

The second is an ultra-rare, 1969 Ram Air IV, Midnight Green convertible.  We did a full story on this (one of 5 known to exist) car back in November when we were fortunate to witness its national unvailing at the MCACN show in Rosemont, Illinois.  We posted a video on the car, and enjoyed talking with the man that did the concourse-level restoration, Gary Riley from Level One Restoration in Denver.

5.2 GF 11 RA II

I don’t know which is more rare, the Plum Mist color or the Ram Air option on this 1967 ‘bird. Did you know in1967 they called it Ram Air. It was never referred to as Ram Air I until late In 1968 when the Ram Air II (round port) engines were introduced?


5.3   67 RA Car

5.4  67 RA Engine The Ram Air I engine – all business.

3  dd

Sully’s famous Corvette Torch Red 1967 Firebird. Come to Pontiac Illinois and you may be lucky enough to get a tour of the city murals in this car, like so many visitors have.

1 FGF 8

Such a beautiful 1967 Verdoro Green 400 convertible in the Road Warrier class from Augusta, Kansas.

1.1 FGF 10

Verdoro Green is associated more with 1968, and is rarely seen on a 1967, but it was available.                   The owner must be very proud of this beautiful restoration.

7.2 red
From Bulverde, Texas, this is Christine’s 1968 restomod convertible. I just love the CNC machined wheels.
8.0 fgf 1

Midwest Firebird’s Green Bay Wisconsin member, Hank Kollross’s 1969 Carousel Red Convertible.

9.0  FGF 7

With the black vynal top option, this 1969 Carousel Red 400 looked neat as a pin.

99 fgf2

This last first generation Firebird at the show was perhaps the best of show and most certainly the rarest of our group.  I was fortunate to talk to both the owner and the restorer last year and actually sit in this car.  I remember the surreal feeling of being overwhelmed by the new car smell in an almost 50 year-old vehicle, and the absolute perfection of the restoration.  Here’s our video of this car from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in November.

99.2 FGF6
The convertible top on this Firebird was absolutely perfect.
99.1 FGF4

There were only 12 Ram Air IV, 1969 Firebird Convertibles with 4-speeds ever produced. Of them only 5 are known to exist today. There were also only 5 produced as automatics & Gary is currently restoring one of those in his shop right now.

RA IV Engine Drivers

Note the factory aluminum intake manifold on the round-port, Ram Air IV engine.

Want to learn more about these rare beauties?  Here’s one of the best articles we know on Pontiac Ram Air engines and cars from our friend, Mike Noun.  Special thanks once again to our three members that were at the POCI show;  Larry DeLay, Dave Sullivan and Hank Kollross.


We are truly blessed to have great members in our club like Larry and Dave.

Next week our club is heading to Lake Lawn Lodge in Delvan Wisconsin for an enormas car show on the lake.  We look forward to bring you that story as we cruise in from all over the Midwest to this event.  Stay tuned….

(Story by Ken Pitcher & Larry Delay.  Pictures by Larry DeLay, Dave Sullivan and Hank Kollross.)Midwest Firebirds

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