Vintage Pontiac Firebird Keychain


Vintage dealer promo Pontiac Firebird keychain.Keys are pretty important to any first-gen. Firebird owner. Those seemingly simple pieces of cut metal allow us to fire up our ‘bird’s ignition and get to driving. When we’re not blasting down the highway, we love showing off our Firebird pride. Our friends at the Pontiac Oakland museum passed along this photo of a vintage item that combines those two passions. It’s of an official vintage Firebird keychain that could have been found at Pontiac dealers during the late 1960’s. Several of our members have already snagged these ultra-sweet tokens at swap meets and are currently using them on their key rings. The pieces are a bit tricky to locate online; we found some on Ebay but not many. If you’re into Firebirds make sure the next time you see one of these, plunk down the necessary cash to grab it.

Vintage dealer promo Pontiac Firebird keychain.

A club member passed along this image of his keychain. He uses it to keep track of the keys to his 1969 convertible.

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