Buried Treasure?



“As I rake around this pretty big object I noticed there’s an engine more than half way in the ground!”


I’ll start by saying this – I’m looking for the owner of a 1968/1969 firebird! My name is Teri Reed, and most people know me as Ladytata in the Pontiac world. I part ’70-81 Firebirds and love it with a passion. I would love to find the owner of this ’68/69 Firebird engine.  A while back, I bought a garage on a single plat of land in Illinois. It wasn’t maintained very well, there were weeds as tall as me, and as thick as a sugar cane. As I was snipping and cutting away, literally with tree branch cutters in my hand, layer upon layer of weeds, I finally started to get to ground level, and I noticed there’s something big in the ground, swallowed by the earth.

White 1

Teri with one of her second gen Firebird treasures.


Full of mud, rocks and weeds – but this one is a treasure to the right person.


She would love to find the true owner of this Firebird engine, so please contact her if you have the matching numbers car!

A96A36E5-BFC9-4F39-81D3-044749D9A295 226C0402-C6DE-4DF6-8AB1-C4532AA20845

I thought to myself “oh great, how am I going to get that out?”, I started to dig. Now for all of you that don’t know me, let me just say, I’m a girl parter, and curiosity always get the best of me. With that being said, I had to see if I could see what this engine is, and sure enough I did. Now what to do with it!


A very rusty block, but maybe it could be saved?

That’s were Ken and the Midwest Firebirds come in. I would like to find the owner of this engine to reunite the two together, but I didn’t know what to write. It might still be a good engine or it might make a great coffee table, but it is something that should follow the car from owner to owner, and I would love to see it back where it belongs. Vin# 535422 WC block, 9790079 cast number. If you think this engine belongs in your Firebird, let me know. You can email me at teri30@hotmail.com

IMG_2311 6.6.2015 Rocky Photo Shoot

We first met Teri when we were doing the photo shoot with author Rocky Rotella for his book on Firebirds.


Blue 74 From Rocky

This is Teri’s 1974 Firebird Formula 400, 4-speed, it is a 24k original mile, one paint survivor. (Photo by Rocky Rotella)

Teri 2

Always around Firebirds and Trans Ams, Teri Reed is a great resource if you have a second gen project that need help.

(Story by Teri Reed.  Pictures by Teri and Rocky Rotella.)

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