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Thomas Trank is one of our Facebook fans from Landvetter Sweden, just outside of Gothenburg.  He contacted us recently and I asked him to tell us more about his Global Bird – a 1968 Solar Red 400 convertible, with lots of modifications.

Gothenburg Sweden

I learned that Gothenburg is the second larest city in Sweden, located on the South West coast and is a major seaport.


“Hey Ken, the car came to Sweden originally in 1976, it has had 9 owners before me here in Sweden. I bought it in 2013 so I don’t have so much history. Motor is a borred 400 to 406.  The transmission is an automatic TH700R4, and a Ford 9” rear with a  Detroit Locker set up.  Diskbrakes front and rear & exhaust cut outs.   It was painted in 1995.”


This Pontiac is equipped with a Holley EFI Terminator.

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Gothenburg Sweden 2 - second largest city

Gothenburg Sweden is known as “Little London.”

Gothenburg Sweden - Little London

Founded in 1621, Gothenburg has a population of over 580,000 in the urban area and about 1,000,000 million in the metropolitan area. It is home to the Vovo Car Company.

interior 2

“The interior is mostly original exept the middle console, it is real carbon fiber.”

interior 3


Take a close look at the gas tank – a tribute to where this car came from.

gas tank

One of the most unique things to this Firebird is the American Flag painted on the tank.  Thomas told us it was painted by the owner before him.


I have a newly renoveted th700 stage 2 in my garage, I am just waiting for my new engine, to put it in.  It will be a stroked Pontiac 461 about 450-480 Hp. I think it will be completed in March.

Thanks Thomas


What better way to enjoy music on a nice summer day than a huge power amp and two big subwoofers in your trunk?

photo shoot

Doing a photo shoot of this uniquely American muscle car.





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