Trans Am Nationals – 2016


A Group 1Scott S 3 gens together

Three generations of Firebirds together. You will see several professional shots from Scott Schwartz in this post. I have decided that Scott is the world’s best car photographer.  You’ll have to decide that for youself, but nevertheless, I think you will enjoy his pictures!


Club member, Ron Vaseleski displayed his 1968 Agena Blue Firebird coupe at the 32nd Annual Trans Am Nationals; near Dayton Ohio, and gave us his perspective of the show.

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Firebirds Fly into Pontiac, IL


2016 Midwest Firebirds coming into Pontiac - with sign on   wall

Midwest Firebird Club members spread their wings at the Pontiac-Oakland Museum.

A large gathering of Firebirds recently descended on the small town of Pontiac, IL on May 22nd, 2016.  They landed at the Pontiac-Oakland Museum, and their purpose was to Continue Reading →